There is an old saying that goes “while life may be created in the bedroom, it is certainly lived in the kitchen”.  No matter what part of New Zealand you live in, whether you have a large or small family, old in years, or young at heart – your kitchen is always the centre of your house. A hub of warmth, laughter, love, good times and of course food, it is at the very heart of your family’s day to day living. Omega understands that beauty in the home comes from the moments you create and share with those who mean the most to you, it’s this simple truth that’s weaved into every appliance we’ve ever made.

The role the kitchen plays within your home is why the planning process is so important. You could be contemplating a new build, renovation, or simply upgrading appliances – getting your kitchen to fit your lifestyle will be one of the most valuable decisions you ever make.  

There are many things to consider when thinking about your dream kitchen. Firstly, its traditional role is the preparation and storing of food for you and your family. Food not only nurtures the body, but now more than ever people have created an emotional connection with food, and the kitchen has become a part of this.  

Today, kitchens have become multifunctional spaces, taking on living room type characteristics with comfortable seating areas, storage cabinets and even nooks or spaces for work units. The rooms themselves have also become larger, compared with small rooms that were historically housed ‘out of the way’ to conceal smell and mess. Now more than ever, families and friends gather around benchtops to socialise and hang out with their loved ones. 

Finally, kitchens are also one of the rooms within your house that have undergone the most amount of change over the past 50 years. Apart from function and size, the evolving role of smart devices, energy-saving appliances, and different cooking techniques (think sous-vide or charcoal smokers) have given homeowners more and more design choices to consider form as well as function. 

That’s where Omega steps in. Since our inception, Omega’s commitment has been to the seamless integration of strong design with innovative performance and excellent workmanship. Our mission is simple – beautifully brilliant appliances. 

Today we are recognised as a leader in the New Zealand kitchen industry. Our appliances combine the classic design elements and superior workmanship of quality specialist manufacturers, with the affordability and versatility that is accessible to a majority of New Zealand homeowners. From ovens, cooktops, and dishwashers to rangehoods and refrigerators – Omega offers a complete kitchen solution in terms of the range of products, versatility, quality and technological expertise.

Perhaps most importantly, our appliances are designed specifically with the modern New Zealand lifestyle in mind, complementing your lifestyle, making sure you’ve got everything you need to keep creating beautiful memories. Omega Appliances, beautifully brilliant. Discover our range at