Why are the foods of some nationalities commonly described as ethnic, but not others? Is the yearly list of cheap eats regularly delivered by many food publications becoming problematic? Is there a general perception that Asian food should be cheap? Can New Zealand compete in the high-end Asian restaurant scene? Do we care? 

Cuisine editor Kelli Brett tackles these questions alongside a stellar cast of food experts in this episode of Cuisine Bites. Buckle up! It’s a doozy!  

David Myers – Adrift, Paul Greening – Aqua Kyoto, Justin Quek- Justin, Chris Will – Sky City, Nic Watt – Masu, Tony Tan – Hong Kong Food City, Vinci Gin-Nen – Savour, Jessabel Granada – Nanam, Antony Suvalko – Red Pork Press, Sid Sahrawat – SIDART, Manish Mehrotra – Indian Accent.