A next-level exploration of Korean food as you never knew it.


Korean cuisine moves you way beyond kimchee and bulgogi at this new Milford hot spot where, judging by the diverse diners from both sides of the bridge, chef/ owner Jason Kim is getting it right.


If you are looking for perfectly pretty plates then Tokki is not for you, but who needs them when the food is this bang on? Your best bet is to order the house menu which will treat you to 10 delicious bites from the Tokki taste adventure. Standouts are the hwe (raw fish) bathed in a Korean mustard with minari (Korean watercress), the fish spankingly fresh, sweet and still front and centre despite the deliciously tangy sauce; mung bean jijimi, a little more dense than a crêpe but crispier than a pancake and topped with crab in a tofu cream; the devilishly crunchy eggplant in a deep, dark Korean soya and chilli glaze; and the flat noodles – oh boy, those flat noodles – served with a deonjang (fermented bean paste) pork sauce with a hit of chilli, these are the business. A dish not on the tasting menu but that shouldn’t be missed is the sot bap – rice cooked in a small iron pot and flavoured with a heady mix of egg, soy sauce and white kimchi then fine slivers of raw snapper added and allowed to cook ever-so-lightly in the residual heat. The end result, drizzled with a house- made sesame oil, is startlingly good. There’s only one way to finish and we love that it’s a fluffy marshmallow with a green-melon ice cream centre, perched on a stick and toasted right in front of us. Once again Tokki packs a punch in just one sweet bite!


Jason cut his culinary teeth in some of Auckland’s best professional kitchens including Cassia, Sidart, The Grove and Clooney and as a chef he is now leading, not following. After his tremendous success at Gochu in Commercial Bay, Tokki is testament to his astute skill and self-belief. Sit at the counter and let Jason talk you through the amalgamation of influences behind hisfood as he serves up what Korea was and is, in a menu that is undeniably, and sometimes unexpectedly, his own.


Tokki restaurant manager Masashi Itani slickly oversees what is fast becoming a restaurant that is fully booked every night, sometimes twice over. Sommelier Hiroyuki Kawahara serves up a drinks menu with a wine list that is surprisingly extensive for the size of the room. Chef Joe Jo provides impressive back-up for Jason on the food and as a team they ensure that you will be back for more.


Just when you think it’s all over, a whisky trolley will appear showcasing an impressive selection of Irish, Scotch and Japanese whiskies. A perfect way to end the night is to grab a shot, throw back a wicked chocolate bonbon flavoured with ginger and cinnamon and roll with it. Geonbae!

87 Kitchener Road, Milford, Auckland
Check website for opening hours
ALA CARTE: $7 – $29
TASTING MENU: $75pp (min 2 guests)
CONTACT: 09 488 0888