Touted as the world’s first pre + probiotic soda, Good Sh*t soda comes in four yum flavours – cola, citrus, berry and ginger – and every can contains one-third of your daily fibre and 1 billion probiotics. A healthier alternative to traditional sodas, it’s low in sugar, has no artificial flavours and no caffeine except for a tiny amount in the cola. $12.99 for a pack of four.

In Mitchells Bone Broth Powder New Zealand grass-fed beef bones are slow-cooked with onions, carrots, celery, parsley, apple cider vinegar, black peppercorns, bay leaf, and rosemary. Mitchells gently dries the broth to remove water and preserve the nutritional profile. The goodness of a broth in a convenient powdered form. $69 for 200g or $36 for 100g.

The all-new low-acidity coffee blend from Plant Projects prevents coffee and plant milk from splitting and curdling. It also retains the punchy flavour notes, and the bonus of a light-acidity coffee means it’s kinder on the stomach. $15 for 250g.

Now you can make delicious vitality bars at home. Well & Truly are sharing their ready-made recipe with ingredients that include a blend of nuts and seeds. Each bag has a how-to guide on the pack. Either add honey and butter or, for a dairy-free option, coconut oil and coconut syrup for a nourishing treat packed full of energy. $17.49 for 450g (makes 15 bars).

The latest from Pacific Harvest is Mānuka- Smoked Atlantic Dulse Flakes. The subtle sweetness of the mānuka smoke softens the naturally smoky flavour of dulse to create this natural, gluten- and dairy-free seasoning and bring a burst of smoky umami flavour to your plate. Try it in pasta, fish, meat or vegetarian dishes, and in savoury baking, soups or stews. $15.95 for 25g or $42.95 for 80g.

Macadamia Gold Artisan Spread is a lightly toasted blend of New Zealand-grown macadamias, almonds, coconut and seeds, with pure vanilla extract that is milled to spreadable consistency by Well & Truly. Divine on toast, added to porridge or as an accompaniment to raw veges on a grazing table. $12.99 for 235g.

Sapiir is a non-alcoholic gin, the earliest forms of which date back to the Middle Ages. Broaden your non-alcoholic home cocktail bar with Brunswick Aces Hearts Sapiir, a zero-percent alcohol blend with spiced notes of cassia bark and ginger, balanced by sweet citrus and native Australian wattleseed. $59.99 for 700ml.

A new flavour in the ‘wellness’ range from The Apple Press pairs Canterbury-grown beetroot and carrot juice, with ginger and tangy Pink Lady apples. Each bottle has 30 per cent vegetables, 66 per cent apple, a ginger zing, a dash of lemon and a dose of vitamin C. $4.99 for 800ml.