1 Sum Yum Dip is a combo of vegan kimchi and coconut milk, which results in a smooth and spicy dip that’s packed full of probiotic goodness. Great as a dip for crispy crudités and seriously good as a dollop on a piece of crispy chicken or fish. Once you start, you might not be able to stop. 300g jar for $7.99.


2 Chatham Blue is sustainably caught blue cod that is snap-frozen at source. It’s from the wonderful team at Chatham Island Food Co, and it’s super-easy to order online ocean-to-door delivery. It’s also the perfect way to satisfy your craving for a home-cooked fish dinner while supporting this small business located on the remote Chatham Islands. Each 2kg box arrives freezer-ready and filled with beautifully prepared fillets. Approx 11 fillets for $104. chathamislandfood.com


3 An attempt to lighten up on the alcohol consumption found us giving the new Giesen 0% range a good run, with outstanding results and a clear win for their 0% New Zealand Rosé. Perfect for when you need to drive, or don’t want the after-effects of alcohol, but without the usual compromise on taste. You can pick up their sauvignon blanc at most supermarkets, while the pinot gris and rosé are available at giesen.co.nz. $17.99

4 Nutritious microgreens curated in mixed trays for your salads, smoothies or sandwiches – that is the clever idea behind 26 Seasons, a project that is taking microgreens to the masses. We loved this vibrant, fresh range, which includes everything from pea shoots, sorrel, radishes and broccoli to coriander, basil, wheatgrass and mustard microgreens. $9.95 per tray. For stockists, visit 26seasons.co.nz

5 Knowing you will wake up to a sprinkle of this delicious Macadamia Gold Gourmet Granola for breakfast is sure to help you swing into action bright and early. It’s a golden-delicious mix of honey- and maple-covered nuts and seeds, hand roasted and brought to you by the good people at Well & Truly Artisan Pantry. 350g for $18.98. wellandtruly.nz

6 Join the growing food-as-medicine trend with Blend, organic loose-leaf herbal teas blended by the Matakana Naturopath. There are five blends, including the warming Awake blend, which contains pure sencha green tea combined with kawakawa, cinnamon and orange to improve circulation, metabolism and vitality. We love the cute glass tubes ($28 for 16 serves). Purchase online from thematakananaturopath.com

7 Drift off into a peaceful rest with Night Time Berry herbal tea from Pukka – a restful, immune-boosting super blend containing 13 fruits and herbs, including ginger, valerian, lavender, elderberries and blackcurrant. And it’s naturally caffeine-free, ethically sourced and uses organically grown ingredients. Soothe your senses and let go of the day… $8.99 for 20 sachets. pukkaherbs.com