1 Don’t wait until midnight to enjoy this fresh, citrussy gin from local Twelfth Hour Distillery. It’s the makrut lime leaves that give the flavour hit (and we’re told the lime leaves are grown by the master distiller’s mum in her own garden). Just add a bruised makrut leaf as a garnish and you’ll be set for the rest of summer. RRP $84.95 twelfthhourdistillery.co.nz

2 Ready when you are – Besos Latinos Margarita is the secret recipe of chef Luis Cabrera of Auckland’s Besos Latinos. Just chill and pour over ice and make it bling with a salty rim. Now, we’re fussy when it comes to our cocktails, so what we loved was the no-fuss enjoy-it-anywhere convenience with absolutely no compromise on quality (it’s full strength (22% abv) and made with premium silver tequila). It’s $44.99 for a 700ml bottle.

3 We were happy to see the return of the limited edition Pōhutukawa Hot Smoked Fillet, part of Aoraki’s freshwater king salmon range. It is a rich and smoky treat that’s perfect for your summer gatherings, complementing salads, pasta and antipasto. Aoraki’s freshwater king salmon are smoked using a Scottish- inspired tradition that blends salt, black rum, golden syrup and oak wood smoke to create a smoked salmon like no other. It’s only available for a limited time so don’t miss out. $68.99/kg (prices may vary). aorakisalmon.co.nz

4 Make room in your chilly bin this summer for Sundown Gin RTDs, because carrying a can is so much easier than lugging around bottles and a cocktail kit. Local small-batch gin maker Sundown has canned its favourite gin with East Cape natural water and botanically infused flavours to give us: Pink Gin with Soda, Raspberry, Rose and Rhubarb; Blood Orange Gin & Tonic, and Gin with Grapefruit, Elderflower and Soda. All come packaged in bespoke watercolours by local artist Kalolla Brown. $28.99 for 10 x 330ml cans. facebook.com/sundowngin

5 There’s still enough summer to enjoy delicious Zeffer Passionfruit Cider. It’s made from juicy Hawke’s Bay apples, infused with sweet-tart passionfruit and a splash of zesty lime, which gives this beautifully balanced cider a flavourful, fresh tropical punch. RRP is $13.99 in supermarkets or available as a 4-pack from the Zeffer shop with delivery included. zeffer.co.nz

6 If you like your caffeine cold, chilled right down and served over ice, Nespresso’s range of Barista Creations for Ice might just make your summer. These are blends specially crafted for preparation over ice and we’re all in for this year’s flavours of coconut, Ice Leggero or Ice Forte, as well as the return of favourites Freddo Delicato and Freddo Intenso. $11.50-$17 for 10 capsules. nespresso.com/nz