1 Crisp and refreshing with delectable fragrant aromas of cranberry, blackberry and strawberry teamed alongside subtle floral undertones, that’s Sparkling Rosé, a new entrant on the alcohol-free shelves by AF Drinks. Unlike some other alcohol-free wines, it doesn’t compensate for no alcohol with lots of sugar – that’s worth popping a can for. $45 for 12 x 250ml cans. af-drinks.com

2 For a perfect organic martini, get yourself a bottle of Hastings Distillers organic dry vermouths. Aubyn Orange Dry ($65 for 750ml) is an off-dry style – try it with a splash of soda. Aubyn Blanc Extra Dry ($75 for 750ml) we love just chilled as it is. Distiller Kate Galloway recommends one part Aubyn vermouth (either variety) and six parts East Block gin, mixed over ice and strained into a chilled glass. We won’t argue with that. hastingsdistillers.com

3 Chatham Island Tarahina honey is pretty special, coming from a unique disease-free environment. Already remarkable, but freeze dried and crumbled it is next level. This Freeze Dried Honey Dust crackle-on-your-tongue powder is a textural delight – add a sprinkle of fairy dust to your favourite dessert or use as an indulgent porridge topper on a cold morning. $30 for 100g. tarahinahoney.com

4 Ever since they launched the OG herb spread, the team at Waiheke Herbs has been singing the benefits of healthy herbs and now they have a new range of creamy aioli made with free-range eggs, cold-pressed sunflower oil and, of course, luscious herbs. There are three flavours: mint, turmeric and ginger; coriander, chilli and lime; herbs, capers and olive oil. $10 for a 200g jar. waihekeherbs.co.nz

5 The gorgeous cheeses from Clevedon Buffalo Co have many fans, so we couldn’t wait to tell you about these new products. Locally grown Valencia oranges team with bay leaves and spices in the Spiced Orange Marinated Buffalo Cheese, perfect with fish, chicken or duck (in a reusable glass jar, 300g for $18). A delightfully light but luxurious spread, the Whipped Cream Cheese is tart, salty and altogether delicious (a 150g reusable glass jar is $11.50). clevedonbuffalo.co.nz