Quite the cutest grow-your- own kit we’ve seen for a  long time, Micropod comes with everything you need to grow your greens at home, even if all you have is a windowsill. Rocket, red kale, pak choi, mustard and mizuna micro-greens all packed with up to forty times the vitamins and antioxidants of their mature counterparts. RRP $49. micropod.nz

Almighty Water’s Lemon Sparkling Water uses only natural lemon flavour from zesty peel and fleshy citrus fruit. Charcoal filtered for purity, it has no sugar or sweetener and no plastic packaging either. So refreshing on a hot day, or a great mixer. $12.50 for a 6 pack. drinkalmighty.com

Combining all that’s great about fresh NZ milk, cultures originating from Iceland and billions of live probiotics, Naturalea Icelandic Yoghurt is super thick and creamy. Give yourself a special treat and dollop it onto some juicy sliced stonefruit or a roasted fig. It comes in vanilla bean, blueberry and natural flavours. $5.99 for 500g.

Containing a healthy dose of anti-inflammatory turmeric (with a 2.5% minimum of curcumin), Telegraph Hill’s Turmeric and Black Pepper Drizzle is one of a new range of dressings and condiments, all of which harness the properties of superfoods. We love it trickled over a salad served with fish. It’s $19.95 for 250ml. telegraphhill.co.nz