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Whittaker's Choc Cross Bun Delight: A Glimpse into the Art of Good Honest Chocolate Making

Whittaker’s, the esteemed New Zealand chocolate connoisseur, has once again elevated the chocolate experience with its latest limited edition creation – Choc Cross Bun. This delectable masterpiece boasts 33% cocoa Creamy Milk chocolate infused with natural mixed spiced flavour, raisins, and a touch of orange oil, delivering a symphony of flavours that pays homage to tradition and quality craftsmanship.

Whittaker’s commitment to excellence goes beyond crafting exquisite chocolates. Founded in 1896 by James Henry Whittaker, the brand has evolved into a family-owned legacy spanning four generations. Guided by the philosophy that ‘best is always better,’ Whittaker’s uses the finest ingredients while also upholding a commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

Crafting New Zealand’s finest chocolate is a passion embedded in Whittaker’s family values. With a hands-on approach, Andrew and Brian Whittaker actively contribute to the day-to-day operations. The company’s quest for perfection takes them around the world in search of the most precise machinery, while at home, sustainable practices are a priority. Today, siblings Matt and Holly Whittaker co-Chief Operating Officers, ensure that the legacy of their great-grandfather J.H. Whittaker continues for generations to come.

Premium quality at Whittaker’s begins with the careful selection of ingredients sourced globally and locally. From the world’s best cocoa-growing climates to New Zealand’s creamy milk and artisanal producers like Mossop’s Manuka Honey, Whittaker’s embraces unique flavours while supporting ethical and fair production practices.

Whittaker’s takes a principled stance against palm oil due to its environmental impact. Committed to sustainability, they use Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa beans, ensuring responsible and ethical sourcing. Whittaker’s chocolates are free from genetically modified ingredients, upholding the brand’s dedication to purity. Whittaker’s believes that premium chocolate should be made without compromising on ethical and sustainable practices.

Whittaker’s partners with Rainforest Alliance to ensure the cocoa beans it uses are ethically and sustainably sourced. The distinctive frog symbol on their products signifies Rainforest Alliance Certification. Embracing full traceability, Whittaker’s now sources 100% identity-preserved cocoa beans which is ahead of their 2025 goal, strengthening relationships with farmers and ensuring sustainability throughout the supply chain.

The new Whittaker’s Choc Cross Bun stands as a testament to a legacy built on passion, quality, and ethical chocolate-making practices. Inspired by the classic hot cross bun, they have added natural mixed spices, raisins, and orange oil to their 33% cocoa Creamy Milk chocolate. Choc Cross Bun is the perfect fusion of sweet nostalgia and warm spices that will transport you to a world of Easter indulgence. 

As you unwrap this decadent creation, you not only savour a delightful blend of flavours but also become a part of Whittaker’s enduring journey toward crafting the finest chocolates, one honest and delicious piece at a time.

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