Do you like the sound of spicy Sri Lankan anchovy relish hugging up to goat’s feta in a cute little pastry tart? Or fish soup inspired by a Sri Lankan rice porridge? Born in Sri Lanka, and having lived in Africa, Australia and New Zealand, the author mixes in a little bit of this with a dash of that: usually ‘fusion’ makes me wince, but she largely pulls it off. Some dishes belong wholeheartedly in one culture, such as nethili pirattal (devilled anchovies) or sothi, a gentle coconut soup. New Zealand hāpuka sits with cauliflower purée and roasted tomatoes, and scallops come with Otago cherries. The inclusion of dishes such as Szechuan duck legs and salmon sashimi give the book a bit of a scatter gun feel, but the intro does say that recipes reflect the author’s culinary adventures and travel experiences, so you were warned. TRACY WHITMEY