ADDRESS:   Hillside, 241 Tinakori Rd, Thorndon & Daisy’s, 328 Tinakori Rd, Thorndon
WEBSITE: & eatatdaisys,


From making the choice to go meatless at Hillside in Wellington long before plantbased menus were fashionable, to his efforts to create a better environment for both the planet and for those who work in his restaurants, Asher Boote has been quietly impacting change for many years. For example, Hillside now only ever uses one rubbish bag per week and often that’s nowhere near full. Hillside’s food scraps, old menus, used napkins and paper towels get put into a compost pile used to feed the garden that, in turn, provides produce for the restaurants. Boote has also been years ahead of the game with the creation of a work environment that coaxes out the best in staff. Mental health is openly discussed and supported with workshops while hours are structured to allow staff to work/life balance.