Witness culinary magic unfold as celebrity chefs unveil fresh recipes and insider tips in the NEFF Cooking Theatre. Master your mixology skills in a Hancocks Spirits Masterclass or become a wine connoisseur with expert guidance in the Hancocks Wine Masterclass.

Explore the Ceres Organics Healthy Hub Kitchen, where wholesome flavours come alive. Dive into the sizzling action of Meat Street where daily demos elevate your carnivorous cravings. Witness local home bakers creativity come to life in the Fresh Asº Cake Off and don’t miss the Deli Collective, your ultimate destination for platter perfection. The Auckland Food Show is a feast for the senses, and there’s always more to savour!

Plus, don’t miss show-stopping deals you won’t find anywhere else. This is your chance to elevate your food game and reignite your passion for cooking.

Deals and delicious discoveries!

Feast your eyes (and taste buds!) on a smorgasbord of deliciousness at The Food Show! This isn't your average grocery run. Here, you'll have the chance to snag exclusive deals and discover hidden gems directly from over 250 exhibitors.

Craving pantry staples at bargain-basement prices? Check. Hunting for unique artisan treats and specialty products? You'll find a treasure trove here. Plus, major brands are getting in on the action, offering incredible specials on your favourite flavours.

The Food Show is your one-stop shop to stock up, explore new tastes and support local producers. It's a sensory overload in the best way possible, so ditch the supermarket aisles and embark on a delicious adventure!

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Catch Poh live in the NEFF Cooking Theatre

On Preview Day, Thursday July 25th, you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to see MasterChef star Poh in action in the NEFF Cooking Theatre.

Poh first captured hearts as the runner-up in the inaugural season of MasterChef Australia back in 2009. Her innovative dishes and warm, approachable demeanour made her an instant favourite. Since then, she has become a household name, gracing our screens and inspiring food enthusiasts.

Elevate your experience with a VIP Lounge Ticket!

Indulge in the ultimate Food Show experience by grabbing a VIP ticket, granting you access to an array of exclusive benefits, including unlimited entry to the VIP Lounge for the day.

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Master your craft

If you enjoy a drink or two, level up your wine knowledge or become your very own mixologist with a wine or spirits masterclass at The Food Show. Will it be gin & cake or mastering the art of the perfect margarita?

Hancocks Wine MasterclassesHancocks Spirits Masterclasses

Kiwi culinary stars set to take centre stage

Joining Poh on the NEFF Cooking Theatre stage is a variety of homegrown cooking celebrities and rising stars. 

Vaughan Mabee
Elevate your cooking with MasterChef judge Vaughan Mabee! Learn the secrets behind Amisfield’s acclaimed dishes and impress your friends and family. Get ready for a masterclass in big flavour.

Josh Emmet
Craving restaurant-worthy meals at home? Join celebrity chef Josh Emmet, the mastermind behind Auckland’s hottest new spot, Gilt. Witness his culinary magic as he unlocks the secrets to impress your guests with restaurant-quality dishes.

Annabelle White
Join foodie favourite Annabelle White on a culinary adventure through the Pacific Islands!   Learn to create mouthwatering dishes like date & coconut cake and prawn salad. Get ready for a barrel of laughs and a taste of the tropics.

Tina Duncan
Ditch the dinner party dread! Renowned New Zealand cook Tina Duncan, author of the acclaimed cookbook ‘Plated’ is set to share her secrets to effortless entertaining. Tina will unveil the secrets behind her show-stopping dishes – from a fragrant fish tagine to a decadent lamb yoghurt pie. Spend less time in the kitchen and more time creating memories around the table with this delicious and practical cooking demonstration.

The Tattooed Butcher
Ditch the limp steaks and dull knives! The Tattooed Butcher is serving up a masterclass you won’t want to miss. Learn the secrets to knife mastery, flawless steak prep, and slicing like a pro – all under the guidance of the legend himself.

Healthy Kelsi
Embrace the flavour with Healthy Kelsi! Up-and-coming influencer and recipe queen Healthy Kelsi is making her Food Show debut, showing you how to ditch the boring diet and embrace delicious, healthy living.