Another in the Cult Recipes series, and this one takes us on a journey to the heart of Copenhagen to highlight New Nordic Cuisine which brings traditional and modern interpretations together using beautiful, locally grown produce. From breakfasts of sourdough rye bread and smoked fish or meat to the open sandwiches ‘Smorrebrod’ considered to be the national dish of Denmark to special occasions and everything in-between, this book delivers a fresh approach with some interesting flavour combinations. The cauliflower with lemon and pumpernickel caught my eye. Making a purée from the florets and crisp vegetable shavings from the inner stem, topped with lemon zest, whipped crème fraîche and toasty pumpernickel breadcrumbs, sounds like a winner to me. Everyone needs to know how to make the perfect schnitzel and this recipe with brown butter sauce, peas and horseradish cream could sit comfortably on my last-meal table. The summer buttermilk soup ‘Koldskal’ with ginger biscuits and strawberries and underlying layers of yoghurt and citrus has me thinking about Christmas morning already. If you love food, you will eat your way through this book and create your own Copenhagen-style ‘hygge’ (cosy) atmosphere at home in no time. KB