Citrus is definitely one of my favourite flavours, if not the favourite; a squeeze of lemon or lime can transform a dish. I can’t be without them in the kitchen, and this encompasses those spices that have wonderful citrusy notes too: makrut (kaffir) lime leaves, lemongrass, sumac, preserved and dried citrus. A sprinkle of sumac over tangy yoghurt transports it from plain to wow!

These citrus/tangy flavours match beautifully with fresh herbal notes, and I like an abundance of fresh herbs in most dishes. That said, citrus also marries well with hot or warming spices such as ginger or saffron.

These recipes embrace these flavour combinations along with that other all-important part of cooking: texture. Crunch can come in many forms and adds a whole layer to meals whether it be a huge part or a simple complement to a super-creamy dessert.

Makes: ¾ cup
Preparation: 5 min
Cooking: 3 min