This is like taking a walk with a friend through their favourite neighbourhood, that is if they frequent Wellington’s Cuba Street: you’ll stop to say hi to Sanjay and Joshna at the fruit mart, pause for coffee at Fidel’s, pop your head in to Martha’s Pantry to goggle at the teatime treats, get an invite to a free salsa class at the Southern Cross. All the while you’re introduced to the gaggle of folk who live, work or just hang out in or around this iconic locale, not just the cafe and bar owners and restaurateurs, but their suppliers, the market-stall holders and the singers in the band. And you leave with a clutchof their favourite recipes to boot. Although titled as a cookbook, for me the recipes play second fiddle to the people. They do, however, reflect the varied character of the street from Logan Brown’s finedining multi-stage dessert to a burger from the Ekim Burger food truck.

If you know Wellington, this may well be an affectionate saunter through the well known. If you don’t, it could well hike Cuba Street on to your ‘take-a-look’ list for your visit.