If, like me, you are somewhat obsessed with Korean food then this book is a winner. Hwang grew up in Los Angeles and it was the simple family meals that her Korean grandmother made for the extended family that set her on a culinary career. Yes, a trip to an Asian supermarket will be in order for basic ingredients, but once obtained, the dishes themselves are deceptively easy. Banchan – the small side dishes served with every meal – are easy to assemble. Think sesame-spiked mung beans, pickles and of course kimchi, with both quick and slow-fermented variations. Most of the soups or stews are based on one of three stocks and easily put together; while the many ways with jeon (a kind of pancake) have already become firm favourites. Spicy braised monkfish and Korean chicken wings are on my list to try. With nourishing and delightful recipes, I can see this book becoming a firm favourite over the coming months.