CUISINE CHEESE WATCH / DoeReiMi – Cartwheel Creamery, Manawatu

By Cuisine1 Minutes
August 20, 2019By Cuisine

AS THE SONG SAYS, you should start at the very beginning, as it’s a very good place to start… Cartwheel Creamery epitomises the ‘small is beautiful’ philosophy. Located on their 12-hectare farm in the Pohangina Valley, cheesemakers Ade and Jill are on a mission to make outstanding cheeses that reflect the natural goodness of their valley. Their goat’s milk comes directly from the Fraser’s farm in Opiki.

Doe Rei Mi – named after the classic “Sound of Music” anthem – started life as an entrant to the inaugural Great Unwashed Washed Rind Challenge. This was a competition held in October 2018 at Sabato, to find the best example of a NZ-made cheese washed in beer. Doe Rei Mi was selected as the champion by a panel of chefs and food writers. It has all the character of a stinker without being a stinker or overly goaty. Lactic and buttery, with gentle umami notes and regularly exhibiting an inviting fudgy cream line when mature, it’s not surprising that the cheese is referred to by many as their food porn. So, sing and begin with doe-rei-mi.