BABY GOATS (OR KIDS) can sell anything to anyone, I reckon. Just a quick glance through Drunken Nanny’s Facebook page will have you going, “Awwwhhh, how cute.” Before you know it you’ll probably have a Drunken Nanny or three in the fridge. I kid you not… The drunken nannies live a fantastic lifestyle, grazing on the lush, green pastures of South Wairarapa.

Drunken Nanny’s range of Lush goat’s cheese is made with the freshest milk which is transported all of about 3 metres from the milking parlour to their small cheesemaking factory. Lindsey Goodman does the milking, his wife Amanda makes the cheese, and the kids (human variety) are also well involved in the process! For those who are a little shy of trying goat’s cheese, the Lush range is a perfect place to start. Here at C’est Cheese, we delight in the reaction of those sampling Lush, winning over the ‘I don’t like goat’s cheese’ brigade.

Mild, very creamy with just a hint of a tang, the cheese is extremely versatile – a must-have as part of your cheeseboard. Plain Lush works well in any savoury or sweet dish calling for a creamy, citrus flavour. Dill Lush screams out for some NZ smoked salmon while Lemony Lush is perfect spread over your favourite crusty bread.