DO THE MAHI, GET THE TREATS. This whakataukī pretty much sums up Kaikoura Cheese and their Mahi, in more ways than one. The whole Kaikoura Cheese team is instrumental in doing what they do, with everyone tasting each cheese the team produces. Everyone’s palate is different, every batch of cheese is different. The combined mahi to produce Mahi is an act of cheese solidarity. Mahi, made between November and March, is a natural rind sheep’s cheese with no commercial yeasts. It is washed in brine to harvest wild yeasts that roll off the ocean behind the maturing rooms, which gives an authentic earthy and nutty rind. The interior has small holes with a firm yet creamy texture, slightly sweet with a hint of lanolin. A very approachable clean cheese with plenty of subtle nuances. New Zealand has a long history of eating and wearing sheep, yet we are relative newbies at milking them. It’s grate to see more cheese adventure coming to market. Mahi is a veritable cheesy cuddle.

CALUM HODGSON Calum Hodgson is cheesemonger at Sabato