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Gold Rush

What a time to be a beer lover in New Zealand. We’ve never had it better. One day we might even look back on these times as halcyon days, with the range, availability and quality of craft beer at an all-time high. There is a growing number of new breweries eager to put their own stamp on one of the world’s oldest beverages, and a strong set of maturing craft breweries bringing depth and experience to the industry.

Craft Beer Corner

In 1981, former all black the late Terry McCashin started Mac’s as an upstart independent brewery in an industry that was completely dominated by two big breweries. After driving rubbish trucks and playing rugby at the very highest level, McCashin started running pubs.

Cuisine Cheese Watch

The cheese with no name is a petite, palm-sized pleasure that punches way above its own weight. A soft-ripened sheep’s milk disc with a thin natural-bloomy rind of a creamy yellow to off-white colour, it is indeed a complex mouthful. The paste is an unctuous fudgy yellow; soft, rich and thick, with strong earthy undertones and a gentle sweetness. The sheep’s milk is really creamy and very high in milk solids yielding twice as much cheese per litre of milk than cow’s milk.

Great Wine, Naturally

New Zealand’s first ever Organic Wine Week (17-23 September 2018) will see organic wine producers teaming up with six of the country’s leading restaurants – The Grove in Auckland, Shepherd in Wellington, Bistronomy in Hawke’s Bay, Arbour in Blenheim, Gatherings from Christchurch and Sherwood in Queenstown – to deliver some exciting organic wine and food experiences.

Traffic November-December 2018

Chef-owner Sam Lee (formerly of Ebisu and Amano) has opened IZU, a new venture bringing refined Japanese food with a Euro flair to the south Auckland suburb of Papakura.

The Nordic Baking Book

In The Nordic Baking Book internationally acclaimed chef Magnus Nilsson examines all aspects of Nordic home baking, both modern and traditional, sweet and savoury.

Jade Temepara -Kākano Cafe and Cookery School

First, Jade Temepara’s grandfather asked her to plant some potatoes. “No way,” she said, “I’m not going to dig up my lawn.” Then he cajoled her to plant potatoes, then nagged, coaxed, urged and nagged again. Worn down, she eventually planted the potatoes, watched them grow, observed the land and how it reacted. On the day she dug them up, her grandfather turned to her. “Thank you,” he said, “I took these peruperu out of my father’s shed when he passed away. They’re five generations old and I don’t have anyone else to give them to.”

Ragpicker at 4am

Cuisine cartoonist, and award-winning illustrator and ceramicist Anna Crichton, travelled to Varanasi, India in 2017 to explore the sculptural potential of bead-and-thread...