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Why are we still eating meat? Everyone knows that waving goodbye to steak is one of the best ways to cut your climate impact. The problem for me, and probably you, is definitely deliciousness, but also habit. The gut wants what the gut wants.


Just Rewards

Judging for the Cuisine Good Food Awards 2018 is now underway across the country. It’s a lengthy process that we take very seriously, with the aim of providing feedback to New Zealand’s restaurant industry, enabling its continued growth and evolution and rewarding its commitment to being the very best.

Playing for Keeps

As the Editor of Cuisine I have a lot of opportunities to attend events and happenings to celebrate the hottest new chef or a fabulous new dining concept. As I watch the relentless race to Instagram the latest restaurant opening or innovative dish, there is always a nagging thought in my mind of the long-term players; those restaurants and chefs that have stood the test of time


Kelli Brett shares her vision for a new era of Cuisine. Not everyone is lucky enough to get to a time and place where their varied career paths meet in a role that is the perfect mash-up of life skills, knowledge, strengths and passions.