The modernist winery building captures stupendous views, your eyes sweeping down through rows of vines to the cliffs and ocean beyond. The spacious, airy dining room overlooking the patio and pool sets an elegant and inviting stage to enjoy Ashley Jones’ refined, flavoursome dishes. Smooth and unobtrusive service delivers a superlative experience. Ribbons of crunchy purple carrot weave around juicy, subtly oak-smoked duck breast, while smooth carrot parfait gains a sweet punch of quince paste. Chilled coconut sago, pineapple, coconut marshmallow, melon and lychee sorbet rely on achieving perfect textures and consistencies and these are spot on; creamy sago, intense pineapple, pillowy marshmallow refreshingly layered in a generous tulip-shaped glass. Wow. The wines, predominantly from Elephant Hill, are well matched to the menu, as you’d expect from a winery restaurant of this calibre.

IN BRIEF Superbly elegant dining in a sophisticated vineyard setting