Call them what you will – skewers, kebabs, kofta – but there’s no denying cooking food on sticks is fun and quick. Here Fiona Smith pairs the perfect summer skewers with fresh, seasonal salads.

There is nothing better than cooking outdoors in the heat of summer, so I have designed all these recipes for little skewers that will suit any style of barbecue, be it small hibachi-style, disposable, or a regular barbecue. Each recipe is served with a side salad, simple to prepare and full of summer flavour. If you like the sound of the recipe, but don’t have the time or inclination to make skewers, just cut and flavour the protein as per the recipe and cook in a hot frying pan or wok with a little oil or under the grill in the oven, turning once or twice and then pile onto the salad.

In each recipe I have given a meat and a plant-based option to suit different eating habits. I like a combination of both, but strictly plant-based eaters can simply forget the meaty part and double the vegetarian option.

Wooden skewers need a good soak to prevent them from burning – if you remember to soak them overnight this really helps. I put them in an empty bottle filled to the very top with water, and put the lid on so they remain submerged.