Champagne and Sparkling wines shout celebration, don’t they? While I am definitely of the Lily Bollinger/ Coco Chanel school on the subject, I do think it comes into its own at a party, lifting spirits and adding zest with its bubbles. Luckily for these occasions, Champagne is amazingly forgiving and complementary to so many foods. While you can really narrow down specific varieties to perfect food matches, there are a few classic tricks that work every time with a brut style. Champagne loves fatty foods; the fresh crispness cuts through the fat and balances the mouth so you would not be frowned upon if you sat down to a dinner of fried chicken and bubbles. Be liberal with your butters and oils and choose rich seafood, fatty meats, creamy cheeses and so on. At the same time, Champagne can pair very well with lighter flavours and stands up incredibly well to acid, so acidic fruits such as citrus really zing; a squeeze of lemon will never go amiss or a hint of pickle. It also appreciates salt, loving the saline quality of oysters, so don’t skimp on the seasoning and salty additions such as miso or soy.