Pumpkin is one of the stars of autumn and Ginny Grant’s recipes bring out its best.

As we go to print it is unclear what effect Cyclone Gabrielle may have on the supply of our fruit and vegetables and some may be hard to find. It’s part of the reason why I try not to be too prescriptive about which type of pumpkin to use for each recipe, although I will say what I used for each. As always, use what you have, substitute where necessary and flex your imagination to a possible work around.

I suspect that butternuts are a favourite not only for their sweet, nutty flavour and moist flesh that holds together well, but also because they are not too large and are easy to peel and cut – a great all rounder and one I use a lot. I know it can be daunting to cut into a larger pumpkin and I’ve met more than one person who throws them to the ground in order to crack them open easily. Good for shattering and if you have some rage that needs dampening, but a somewhat harsh treatment for the pumpkin. Yes, cutting them does require a good knife and some care, but I’ve found that using a cheap cleaver and tapping lightly with a hammer or rolling pin, makes short work of breaking open a larger pumpkin.