Palate is a restaurant that consistently produces well-thought-out and executed dishes matched perfectly with thoughtful, knowledgeable service, a fabulous wine list and a beautiful riverside setting. This a feat for any eatery but when you consider how long chef-owner Mat McClean and his team have been meeting these standards, Palate can be considered top of its game. There is real thought put into the ingredients used and well-considered vegetarian options are a delight, too, such as delectably light tortellini stuffed with Clevedon buffalo ricotta. The menu is forever evolving, showing a flexible and creative kitchen with the ability to keep people coming back by offering them something new, and with such simple yet elegant food there’s nowhere to hide. Sommelier Larissa Muller is an expert guide through the massive drinks list, which refreshingly offers many reasonably priced options.

IN BRIEF Classy wines and elegant food served in a beautiful riverside setting