Recipe Category: Fiona Smith Issue 190


The Civil Servant

The beginning of spring means all the new season sauvignon blancs are released, and there’s a great selection of citrus. For The Civil Servant we have taken these to make a refreshing mandarin, fennel and sauvignon blanc cocktail. With any leftover mandarins you could make marmalade, then you can have this drink (or something like it) all year round.


Crumbed Lamb’s Liver Banh Mi with Nuoc Cham Mayonnaise

Banh mi traditionally contains pâté made from livers, so this takes that flavour combination to the next level with strips of lamb’s liver, crumbed and pan fried and piled into a baguette roll with Vietnamese salad and a homemade mayonnaise with nuoc cham flavours. For a quick version of the mayo stir ginger, fish sauce and lime juice into a good-quality bought mayonnaise, then season with soy sauce.


Marcus’ Sichuan Ox-Heart Skewers

Marcus Ringrose, friend of Cuisine photographer Aaron McLean, makes the most delicious heart skewers, that are loved by everybody who tries them. He doesn’t tell people what they are at first (as this instantly puts them off), instead letting them enjoy the flavours before surprising them with the ingredients. These are great to pass around as they are, or to make them into an entrée try with the cucumber and feta. If serving them with the feta, reduce the salt in the heart to 1 teaspoon.