20ml cognac
10ml Aperol
20ml 2018 sauvignon blanc
5 mandarin segments
10ml simple syrup (caster sugar dissolved in an equal volume of water)
5ml lemon juice
1 dash Elemental Distillers Coffee & Pimento bitters (see page 34)
1 sprig fennel
fennel and mandarin, to garnish

The beginning of spring means all the new season sauvignon blancs are released, and there’s a great selection of citrus. For The Civil Servant we have taken these to make a refreshing mandarin, fennel and sauvignon blanc cocktail. With any leftover mandarins you could make marmalade, then you can have this drink (or something like it) all year round.


1.Add everything except the garnish to a shaker.
2.Fill with as much ice as fits.
3.Shake all ingredients and pour entire contents of the shaker into your Collins glass.
4.You may need to scale up/down to fit your glass.
5.If using mandarin marmalade, add 2 teaspoons, but omit the fresh mandarin, syrup and bitters.
6.Garnish with fennel and mandarin.

Food recipes, food styling & photography Sarah Tuck; cocktail recipes and cocktail styling Peter Lowry & Laura Walker; cocktail photography Nicola Edmonds
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