Recipe Category: Issue 202



My current obsession with ‘nduja – the spicy and spreadable Calabrian salami – knows no bounds. I find I’m spreading it on crackers, tossing a tablespoon or two through pasta sauces or even in a toastie. Given the rate at which we demolished these mussels after photographing them for this feature, these may well become your obsession too. ‘Nduja can be found in good speciality food stores and butchers, but if you are struggling to find it try using a soft and spicy chorizo instead. It can be very hot so do use it sparingly.

The crumb is also delicious over oysters or try pressing it over pieces of thick-fleshed fish such as hāpuka or monkfish before baking. If you prefer, you can shuck the mussels rather than steam them open.



There was a time when you couldn’t go to a party or function and not be served Vietnamese rice rolls. We shouldn’t forget how great they are as finger food, as they are a lovely, fresh-tasting offering and will sit well if made ahead of time (put them on a tray and cover each layer well with plastic wrap). I have served these with a dipping sauce made from the duck juices and bones, which is full of flavour and delicious if you have the time, but if not, use nuoc cham, chilli sauce or similar for dipping.