4 slices soft white bread, crusts removed
40g brown onion, grated
100g white cod roe
50ml lemon juice
550ml olive oil
extra virgin olive oil, to serve
salmon caviar, to serve
chives, to serve

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1.Cover the bread with 300ml water and leave overnight.
2.Blend the onion and roe until smooth.
3.Squeeze out the bread and add to the blender with the lemon juice and blend until completely smooth.
4.Slowly drizzle in the olive oil to create an emulsion, similar to mayonnaise.
5.If it is too thick add a little warm water.
6.When ready to serve, whip the taramosalata lightly and place in the centre of a plate.
7.Drizzle with olive oil, spoon on a little caviar and sprinkle with finely chopped chives.
8.Serve with puff bread.

Recipes & food styling Sean Connolly / Photography Jamie Bowering

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