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Traditionally the confit process was a way of preserving meat; the meat was salted then poached in fat enabling it to be stored long term. We mostly associate duck or goose with the confit method, however the process is adaptable; fish and chicken also work well, especially when the confit uses oil. The cooked chicken can keep in the oil for up to a week, and the oil can be reused for other dishes.


Peppered Aroma Salmon

I often find cooked salmon too rich, preferring to eat it raw or barely cooked, but I enjoy it most when it’s been lightly cured as in this classic gravlax. You can of course play around with the flavourings – whisky and orange zest in place of gin and dill, add extra spices like coriander or juniper, or grated raw beetroot to the mix to give the outer flesh a ruby glow.

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