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Stir-frying beef is fast and economical. I used tri-tip here, but rump, skirt, flat iron, sirloin or Scotch fillet could be used in its place. Usually I’ll trim off any silver skin, then put the beef into the freezer
for 30-60 minutes. This helps with slicing the beef thinly. Any seasonal vegetables could be added here – I tend to quickly blanch vegetables that take a longer time to cook such as broccoli and cauliflower to make cooking in the wok faster.


Beef Bavette with Spice Mix

I normally use citrus zest, salt, oil, garlic and fresh herbs to marinate meat. But I think beef can handle a little dried spice too, and it’s great with a little crust on the barbeque. I started using Kaitaia Fire chillies about six years ago and have never looked back. Their cayenne is so light and flaky and super hot! We use secondary cuts in the restaurant as a reminder that there is a whole load of meat on a cow not just a fillet and sirloin. These cuts also work really well on the barbecue because of their marbled fat and texture.