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Crumbed Lamb’s Liver Banh Mi with Nuoc Cham Mayonnaise

Banh mi traditionally contains pâté made from livers, so this takes that flavour combination to the next level with strips of lamb’s liver, crumbed and pan fried and piled into a baguette roll with Vietnamese salad and a homemade mayonnaise with nuoc cham flavours. For a quick version of the mayo stir ginger, fish sauce and lime juice into a good-quality bought mayonnaise, then season with soy sauce.



With tuatua there is nothing nicer than mixing the chopped meat with a simple batter, and frying. Here I have stretched the mix further with cabbage and potato. I use Lauraine Jacobs’ method of freezing the fresh tuatua in their shells so they only get cooked once, or use Cloudy Bay tuatua that are easy to shuck. If time is short mix the seaweed, lemon and togarashi seasoning into good-quality mayo to serve.