4 duck eggs
100g butter, cut into cubes
good handful of spring leaves, herbs and whatever ‘weeds’ grow around your garden
25g salt
brioche, to serve

Ducks lay in spring and this simple dish celebrates this time of year and hides nothing of the flavour – they are boiled and eaten this way because they are delicious! The dish also celebrates and shows the glory of small green leaves and shoots that come into abundance now.


1.Bring a pot of water to the boil and carefully drop in your duck eggs.
2.Cook for 8 minutes for semi-hard eggs or for as long or as little as you would prefer.
3.Put the butter in a blender with almost all the herbs (reserve a good pinch of the herbs for the salt).
4.Blend on high until fully incorporated. Set aside.
5.Put the salt in a blender with the remaining herbs and blend on high until fully incorporated.
6.Take a good slice of brioche (made by a tried-and-tested recipe or head to your local baker) and fry to caramelise on both sides with a good knob of butter.
7.Serve by smearing the brioche with a good swipe of herb butter, then topping with the peeled boiled eggs and a sprinkling of salt to spread over your bread and season the eggs.
8.If you want it to look really lavish, finish with a few greens from the garden to make it look and feel even more spring-like.

Photography Dean Kozanic

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