7 spring leeks
50g creme fraiche
100g soft goat’s cheese
3 tablespoons of fermented chilli paste, homemade or bought (see below)

Old-school British cookery with an unexpected blast of heat from fermented chilli paste made last year.


1.Braise the leeks in a pot of boiling water as salty as the sea.
2.When they are cooked through and giving to the point of a sharp knife, pull from the pot and drain off all the excess liquid.
3.Put the cooked leeks into a terrine mould, or wrap into a sausage shape in plastic wrap.
4.Press the leeks and set aside overnight.
5.Blitz the creme fraiche and cheese and set aside.
6.To serve, place a good teaspoon of chilli paste on the centre of the plate (more or less depending on how you like your heat).
7.Add a few slices of terrine, topped with a dollop of cheese.
8.Serve with a good tear of baguette.
9.NOTE: To make your own fermented chilli paste, start the summer before whilst chillies are abundant. Blitz chillies into a fine paste with about 3% in their weight in salt.
10.Scrape into a screw-topped jar, place in a dark place and forget about them.

Photography Dean Kozanic

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