50ml Irish or lowland Scottish whisky (Red Breast 12yr or Auchentoshan 12yr)
10ml Addmore Elderflower & Pear Syrup
2 dashes Regans Orange bitters (if you can’t find Regans then steep toasted cardamom in orange bitters overnight)
5ml peated whisky (Thomson Manuka Smoked or Laphroaig 10yr)
lemon peel

Spring is a great time for a Coopers Union, a classic cocktail that is a little different. Similar to an Old Fashioned, this is a blend of smooth, bright whisky (such as a lowland Scottish or aged Irish), elderflower and orange and cardamom bitters. The clever twist is that you rinse the glass with a peaty, smoky bold whisky: your brain thinks it is in for a big, bold bomb of a cocktail, but you are actually greeted by a very pleasant, light concoction.


1.Fill a spouted vessel with ice straight from the freezer and add all the ingredients except the peated whisky and the lemon peel.
2.Stir for around 1 minute until the drink is cold and has around 25% dilution.
3.Pour into a short glass, rinsed with the peated whisky.
4.Twist a lemon peel over the glass to express oils (with the outer peel facing the glass), then use to garnish.

Food recipes, food styling & photography Sarah Tuck; cocktail recipes and cocktail styling Peter Lowry & Laura Walker; cocktail photography Nicola Edmonds
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