90ml Earl Grey tea concentrate (made by infusing 1 teaspoon tea leaves in 1 cup of cold water overnight)
30ml Asian spice (we used Ecology & Co)
30ml orgeat & hazelnut syrup (we use Crawley's)
30ml coconut cream
coconut chips and edible flower, to garnish

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1.Stir tea, spice and syrup together with ice in a mixing glass for 15-20 seconds until well combined and chilled.
2.Transfer to a rock glass half-filled with ice.
3.Layer coconut cream on top of mixture; pour it slowly and carefully so it settles on top.
4.Garnish with coconut chips and an edible flower.

Food by Harmeet Singh Nanda / Drinks by Jebil Jacob Raju / Photography Jason Creaghan

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