1 kiwifruit, peeled
6-8 mint leaves
30ml cold-pressed feijoa & apple juice
30ml Seedlip Garden 108 non-alcoholic gin
300ml ginger beer
6-8 dashes grapefruit & hops bitters (we used Elemental Distillers)
4-5 dashes Peychaud’s bitters
mint sprig, to garnish

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1.Muddle the kiwifruit and mint leaves with the feijoa & apple juice and gin.
2.Once well combined, pour into a highball glass.
3.Build with ice and top up with ginger beer, stirring with a bar spoon.
4.Finish with the bitters and garnish with mint.

Food by Harmeet Singh Nanda / Drinks by Jebil Jacob Raju / Photography Jason Creaghan

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