30ml dry gin (we recommend Scapegrace Classic or 1919 Dry Gin)
20ml boysenberry & bay leaf cordial (see recipe below)
East Imperial Yuzu Lemonade
pea shoots or tendrils, to serve
BOYSENBERRY & BAY LEAF CORDIAL - makes 600ml / preparation 7 - 10 mins
1 cup boysenberries (can be frozen if out of season)
1 cup caster sugar
1 cup cold water
½ teaspoon citric acid
1 medium-sized bay leaf, ripped into 4–6 pieces

A light, refreshing and dry play on the classic Collins, this hi-ball brings together a high level of herbaceousness, sherbet sweetness and refinement to present a super well-rounded quencher.

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1.Build all ingredients except the garnish in a highball glass, packing it with cubed or large block ice.
2.Garnish with pea tendrils.
4.Add all the ingredients to a blender, set on low (if you have a Thermomix, level 2 setting) for 6 minutes.
5.Pour through a fine sieve and leave to strain for a couple of minutes until you have extracted all of the syrup.
6.Bottle, label with the date of production and keep chilled for up to 2 months.
7.This recipe makes more than you need, but the syrup is great in homemade sodas, on ice cream or as a sweetener in other cocktails.

Food by Zennon Wijlens / Drinks by Mikey Ball / Photography Jason Creaghan

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