summer herbs (geranium, verbena, anise hyssop, anything that tastes of summer)
lemon juice
parsley oil (blend 1 part parsley and 1 part oil on high for 10 minutes then strain)
a large handful of Diamond shell clams
hay for smoking
wild watercress
pickled elderflower and fennel pollen, to serve


1.Make a dressing by crushing the summer herbs with some salt, lemon juice and parsley oil in a pestle and mortar. Set aside.
2.Cook the clams over a medium fire until they start to open.
3.Immediately place damp hay over the embers and smoke for 30 seconds.
4.Serve with with wild watercress, pickled elderflower and fennel pollen and finish with the herb dressing.

Recipes and food styling Ed Verner / Photography Tony Nyberg

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