zest of 1 green yuzu
crème fraîche
1 live lobster
nasturtium leaves
catnip leaves and summer flowers, to serve
lemon juice


1.Mix the green yuzu zest with some crème fraîche. Set aside.
2.Using the natural cross on top of the lobster’s head as a guide, take a sharp knife and swiftly push it through, killing the lobster humanely and instantly.
3.Split the lobster lengthways and place shell down over gentle, low-heat embers.
4.Grill until the tail meat turns opaque on the sides but still slightly raw in the centre.
5.Baste with animal fat during this time.
6.Brush the nasturtium leaves with oil and grill until crisp. To serve, cover the head with the
7.To serve, cover the head with the crème fraîche, grilled nasturtiums, catnip and flowers.
8.Finish the whole thing with lemon juice and more animal fat.

Recipes and food styling Ed Verner / Photography Tony Nyberg

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