8 pears (or use apples, peaches or figs)
½ cup honey
1 teaspoon rosewater
1 stick cinnamon
1-inch piece ginger, sliced
6 pods cardamom, slit with a knife
8 cups water, or enough to partially submerge pears
1 cup wine, white or red (optional)
natural yoghurt, honey, chopped nuts, to serve

The spices can be changed to keep it interesting: try using orange zest, star anise, vanilla or tea to flavour the pears.

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1.Peel the pears leaving the stalk intact (if you don’t mind the fiddling you can core the pears, too, using a spoon).
2.Place all the ingredients except the yoghurt in a pot on the stove and simmer on a medium heat for around 30 minutes or until the pears are soft and the liquid has reduced.
3.Spoon some yoghurt into bowls and place a poached pear on top.
4.Pour ½ cup of the poaching juice from the pan over each of the pears.
5.Sprinkle with chopped nuts and add an extra drizzle of honey.

Photography Victoria Baldwin / Prop Styling Noumi O’Flaherty, Sharyn Buckley / Clothing Styling Jacqui Whall Assistants Josh Szeto, Fergus Cahill / Thanks to White Studios

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