50ml Plantation Barbados 5 Years Rum
50ml coconut milk (we use Alpro brand)
40ml mango purée (we use Boiron brand)
35ml caramel syrup
15ml fresh lime juice
chestnut powder and mint leaves, to garnish

You can make a fresh, homemade mango purée by blending a mango and straining through a fine sieve, or use a shop-bought purée – Boiron brand is really good quality. We also make our own caramel syrup – there are loads of recipes online – note that adding a dash of citrus really helps to stop the caramel from crystallising.

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1.Shake all ingredients and dump into a coconut shell.
2.Garnish with chestnut powder and mint leaves and serve with a bamboo straw.

Drinks Johan Cabrera / Food Abhijit Dey / Photography Jamie Bowring

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