250g butter
2 lemons, zest removed in strips, juiced
350g smoked fish
½ cup parsley, finely chopped
½ teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon fennel seeds
½ teaspoon cracked pepper
½ teaspoon flaky sea salt


1.Put the butter and the lemon zest strips in a pan and heat over a low heat until the butter is melted.
2.Remove from the heat and leave to settle – the top of the butter should become golden and clear with a white layer at the bottom.
3.Mix together the smoked fish, parsley, cayenne pepper, fennel seeds, cracked pepper, sea salt and lemon juice in a large bowl until combined.
4.Spoon in approximately three quarters of the golden clarified butter and mix to combine, then divide the fish mixture into sealable jars (there will be enough for three small jars or one medium-sized jar).
5.Pack the fish down firmly into the vessels to remove air pockets then spoon the remaining clarified butter over the top of the jars to seal.
6.Discard the white solids and zest strips from the pot.
7.Put the jars in the fridge to cool until the butter has set, then seal and return to fridge until ready to eat.
8.The fish will last in the fridge for 7 days unopened and 2-3 days once opened.
10.Serve with bread or crackers and cornichons or pickled onions.

Recipes, food styling & photography Jane Lyons & Will Bowman

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