20ml London Dry gin
20ml dry vermouth
20ml rhubarb cordial (see recipe)
10ml Campari
5ml 6% citric acid solution (see recipe)
lemon twist, to garnish
CITRIC ACID SOLUTION makes 100ml / preparation 5 mins
6g citric acid
100ml water

A drink too cool to know it’s cool, the Negroni is an Italian cocktail of legend. At Clipper they add tart sweetness with earthy rhubarb and dry vermouth instead of traditional sweet vermouth.

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2.Measure the ingredients into a cocktail glass or shaker over ice and stir to chill.
3.Pour into a rocks glass over ice and garnish with a lemon twist.
4.RHUBARB CORDIAL (preparation 10 mins plus overnight straining)
5.Juice or blend some uncooked rhubarb.
6.Filter through a coffee filter and a strainer or a Chemex.
7.Add sugar and citric acid to taste.
8.You’ll want to err on the side of sweet but not too tart.
9.Store in the fridge and use within 3 weeks.
11.Add the citric acid to the water and mix well to combine, then bottle.
12.Use glass, never plastic or metal to store acid solutions.

Drinks by Barney Toy / Photography Josh Griggs