Pass your plate

Fiona Smith conjures up the fresh, vibrant tastes of Thailand.

You’re welcome

Effortless entertaining as Fiona Smith showcases the winning products from the Cuisine Artisan Awards in the New…

A good egg

Cracking ideas for dinner with Fiona Smith’s egg recipes.

Single origin

Cosy up to winter flavours with warming one-pot dinners from Fiona Smith.

Heart of gold

Mellow autumn fruits get the star treatment in these delicious desserts from Fiona Smith.

Purple Graze

Hijacked by its emoji, eggplant needs a PR makeover – these dishes by Fiona Smith put its deliciousness firmly in…

Everybody gather round

Call them what you will – skewers, kebabs, kofta – but there’s no denying cooking food on sticks is fun and quick. Here…

Land’s Finest

Fiona Smith highlights the best of the Cuisine Artisan Awards category of the New Zealand Food Awards 2022, with…

Break Bread

Yes, you can entertain without blowing your budget. Fiona Smith has sharing-style dishes, each served with a special…


Warming and deeply satisfying, Fiona Smith’s soups will nourish you all winter long.