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Metita: A Polynesian Love Letter

“Metita is a coming together of my Pacific heritage, my food journey and passion for fresh and seasonal flavours and ingredients. Let me share my Pacific with you.”

Metita is more than just a restaurant, it’s a love letter to legendary Chef Michael Meredith’s Polynesian heritage. Metita offers a modern and accessible take on Pacific cuisine, unlike anything you will find anywhere else in Auckland. 

Meredith’s vision is to celebrate the ingredients and culture of the Pacific while adding a layer of modernisation and sophistication that serves to elevate the dining experience. Each dish is created to be fresh and delicious with a complex mix of flavours and textures which will delight diners. 

Seafood features prominently on the menu with dishes such as Seared Tuna with Ifi and Green Papaya Salsa, already becoming a stand out of the menu. Tuna is a sustainable and staple protein in the Pacific and it is prepared with a sauce made from Ifi – Pacific chestnut – and Fijian spices alongside a refreshing papaya salad.

Another popular dish is Fried Crispy Skin Pork Hock with pineapple vinegar glaze, sapasui, and chilli peanuts. This dish is inspired by Sapasui – Samoan chop suey – which is widely prepared in the Pacific. As Samoan locals once tweaked the dish from its Chinese heritage to make it their own, Meredith gives his own spin on what is undoubtedly a classic Pacifica dish. Keeping close to the traditional style while adding more acid for freshness, chilli for spice and a delicious vinegar glaze for lift. The result is something quite special indeed. 

At Metita quality ingredients are the cornerstone of the menu. Each dish, while inspired by tradition, is crafted into a unique dining experience like no other. The famous corned beef buns, glazed with lardo, are available for only $8, with the opportunity to add caviar on top which transforms the dish into something even more remarkable. 

While the menu is sublime, Metita is so much more than great food. It’s the feeling of community, culture and hospitality that anyone who has dipped their toes into the tropical waters of the pacific islands knows only too well. The tradition of Toana’i, where meals are shared with family and friends, is recreated each Sunday at Metita as the Toana’i Long Lunch. Snacks to start followed by shared dishes and a sweet treat to finish are served by Metita’s wonderful staff and will ensure you go home with hearts and stomachs full from this truly immersive culinary experience.  Whether you indulge in the afternoon nap that is customary in the islands, well…that’s up to you.