Summer entertaining made simple – good times are guaranteed with these special seasonal dishes from Ginny Grant.

Here’s what I want for Christmas: the chance to gather outside of my bubble in any shape or form. Nothing else. Of course, being with others would be even more welcome if accompanied with a drink, a meal or a barbecue, especially the latter. When the sun is out, I want a languid timeframe. I don’t want to rush anywhere; I want to linger, to talk, to listen and to laugh with those who are nearest and dearest. And I want lots of these occasions lined up so we can enjoy these social moments while we can. No number of video sessions involving dress-ups or costumes can change the intimacy of that.

And with that in mind, the recipes here are for easy and flexible entertaining so you can appreciate time together with minimal fuss. Here are a few recipes for the barbecue, a simple but seasonal sponge cake and a low-cooked salmon, lightly cured overnight, that will work for any time of day. And, as always, I’ll suggest some vegetarian alternatives.