Locked down and split up, the Langbeins did what they know best: they cooked.

With Annabel in Wānaka and daughter Rose in New York, sharing cooking notes was a way of keeping connected and feeling close. Once reunited, that togetherness spawned this book in which they collaborate to celebrate the best of the Kiwi summer. Here a nip of fresh ideas meets the famous Langbein talent for nailing a recipe. Given that Annabel is practically royalty in New Zealand, it’s a humble book, which Rose describes as intimate and no frills. She tells, “The vegetables are from the garden, all the food was eaten, and when we use something expensive in a recipe, we use it mindfully and enjoy it as a treat.” Though Annabel says this is Rose’s vision – and indeed Rose is credited with all the food styling, art direction and most of the photography – it’s a blurred distinction as to whose recipes and cooking expertise is at the forefront. Does it matter? No, not really – Annabel fans will find all the familiar elements they expect: fuss-free seasonal food that’s not too difficult to replicate, but has bags of honest flavour and enough interest to keep your reputation at the next bring-a-plate. Whether you tumble home tired after a day at the beach, or just want something to make you happy after a hot day at work, here’s the foundation of the Kiwi summer. TRACY WHITMEY