To paraphrase Nigel Slater, if I bake for you, you will know I love you. Precise yet deeply soothing, baking demands my time and attention and is made to be shared. And sharing means taking care over the dietary needs or preferences of family or friends, but not compromising on what I want to eat myself. This clever book knows all that, so what it gives you is choice and confidence: a base recipe that’s flat-out delectable, but then tried-and-true variations if you need to adapt to vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, nut-free, egg-free, but definitely not delicious-free. Not every recipe can cater for every need, but a handy dietary index makes short work of finding the right recipe for the occasion. Need something that is both vegan and gluten-free? Try the pecan pumpkin pie which cleverly uses ground pecans and gluten-free oats in the pastry. There is also a generous handful of recipes that tackle the sometimes tricky combination of nut-free vegan bakes. Savoury bakes and bread aren’t overlooked among the cakes, traybakes, cookies, pastries and desserts. And, as if adapting bakes for dietary needs wasn’t enough, many recipes offer two or three for the price of one with Jo’s flavour swaps; variations that, for instance, turn an apple and cinnamon cake into an orange and raspberry cake with just a few substitutions. As you look after the health of those you bake for, you will fill your heart as well as your tins and keep everyone happy. TRACY WHITMEY